Is the size of the training room limiting the size of your income?

When you create an online course, everything changes!

You increase your income and your freedom.

The only question is, how soon do you want this?

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1. This guide is for you because…….. 1
2. Before you read on 3
3. It is about the money and here’s why 5
4. A little bit about me 7
5. My First Course Launch – Case Study – €4,334 before the course was created 10
6. The ‘9 P’ Process 11
6.1 Preparation 11
6.2 Plan 14
6.3 Pick 15
6.4 Pilot 16
6.5 Price 18
6.6 Produce 18
6.7 Publish 21
6.8 Promote 23
6.9 Programme 27
7. What next? 29

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Feedback from workshop attendees

If it weren’t for Johnny’s help and support I would not have had the know how to set up my online business. He guided me through the whole process with great patience and advice, knowing what steps to take in the right direction. When I had my online courses up and running he continued to offer support and monitor my progress. I would highly recommend working with him and will continue to do so in future

Edwina Guckian

Johnny delivered well structured and informative in-house training with us. It really opened our eyes to the possibilities and we have launched our first online course.

Orlaith Carmody

Johnny was right, online training is the future. Creating a 1 Day Online Certified PSCS Training Course took a lot of time, hard work and dedication, but the return is worth it


Geraldine McGovern

It is obvious that Johnny’s expertise is based on experience.


Richard Coen

If you would like to create an e-learning course to capitalise on in-house expertise or you are looking for new ways to connect with your customers I would highly recommend Johnny’s ‘Create your first online course’. He showed us how to structure a course, record and publish it and how to price it and I am looking forward to putting my new skills into action.

Anne Walsh

I can highly recommend Johnny’s training and coaching. Worth every penny.

Joanne Sweeney-Burke

Digital Training Institute