I am putting the finishing touches to a step-by-step guide entitled Say it once. Sell it often – How to make an extra €5,000 per month from what you already know. 

I would love your input regarding the cover for the guide. I have created 6 – see below. Please click the Like button underneath the cover you like the most.

The guide outlines my 6P System that I use to successfully create, promote and sell my online courses and you can get a FREE ‘Thank-you Copy’ below.


  1. Pick – How to start with what you know the best and are best known for. Passion for the topic also helps.
  2. Price – How to choose a price based on the difference the course makes and NOT the duration it takes.
  3. Pilot – How to generate €1,900 in sales BEFORE you even produce the course.
  4. Produce – How to record the course with the simplest tools and techniques with no technical experience required.
  5. Promote – How to set your course marketing to ‘auto-pilot’ and really get paid for what you know, not the time it takes to show.
  6. Programme – How to develop the course into a programme where buyers will pay 10 times the price for group-support and accountability.