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Hello and welcome to Episode 12. So it’s been two weeks since the last episode. I took a few days off for the holidays. And I hope you’re enjoying yours. So in this episode, I just want to let you know that I’ve been using descript and there are some great videos that I’ve created about is in the Facebook group, Say It Once. Sell It Often. So, if you want to look up the videos, they’re on some tutorials you can do so.

Descript is a great piece of software that allows you to convert your speech to text, but not only can it do that quite accurately, and I’m using it here for the show notes of these episodes. It will also allow you to teach it your own voice, where you can actually type and it will create your voice for you. So it’s essentially the other way around. So rather than going from speech to text, it’s text to speech but it’s to your voice.

An example of being and it’s more apparent in the video when you see it. But an example is where you say something and you wished you had said something else, maybe you mispronounced or you said somebody’s name incorrectly. Or you simply said something and you in hindsight, wish you had said it in a different way. So, what it allows you to do is rather than, I guess, messing around with trying to insert a new audio clip or worse still having to rerecord the entire piece of audio, you can essentially type in what you wish you had said, and it will replace what you did say but it will replace it with your own voice.

In fact, this entire sentence was typed and Descript said it for me.

So, it’s an amazing piece of, I guess, AI. Artificial intelligence. and you know, really, really useful piece of kit, you can take out, um, like that and filler words as well. And you can spot them in the text, in the transcription and when you remove them from the transcription, it will remove them at the same time from the audio.

So, it’s a really powerful piece of software. I’m paying for the pro at the moment around $30 a month US, so you can actually do a lot with it for free but an amazing piece of software and definitely worth checking out. If you have any questions about Descript or you want to reach out and talk about or have questions about online course creation by all means pop over to the website, where you can record a voice note and send it to me using SpeakPipe. On the website, you can also book a 15-minute consultation where I can address any challenges or questions you might have about creating launching and selling your online course.

If you’re listening to this during the Christmas period then happy holidays and happy new year and if it’s later on in the year then I hope you’re well and I will speak to you soon.

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