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Hello, and welcome to Episode 13 of the ┬áSay It Once Sell It Often Podcast. So, it’s been a while. I got COVID, it affected my voice. So I wasn’t recording podcasts for a while or podcast episodes, but I’m back. Voice is not completely back. If you listen to previous episodes, you might be able to notice the difference, but it’s a lot better than it was.

And thankfully I wasn’t too sick at all from getting COVID. So that was good. So, in this episode, I just want to talk to you about planning when creating your own online course and a big part of all of this in my experience, in terms of planning, particularly when you’re taking on something new is to see what you can stop doing.

In other words, rather than taking on this new project of creating an online course and potentially adding to an already packed and busy schedule, then I would ask you to have a look at what you can stop doing that is not adding as much or indeed any value in your business, or indeed in your life.

Have a look at your working week. If you don’t record where your time goals, then I would strongly suggest that you use Toggl, which is a free app. If you actually record, even for a week, where your time goes, not just your working time, but all of your time and just see where there may be, and I would say there should be an opportunity for you to actually stop doing a few things.

Free up that time and use that time to create your online course. So, anything that you can stop doing within your business, then I would advise that you do that if it’s not adding any value, if it’s not essentially worth doing then stop doing it, that will free up some time. The other way, of course, to free up some time is to subcontract.

It’s never been as easy to find great freelancers online, whether you use ┬áPeople Per Hour, Fiver, whatever service that you want to use or platform, please try and find a good freelancer to take over some of those repetitive tasks that you believe nobody can do as good as you, but in reality, they can. Start with administration, create little short videos, instructional videos, showing them step-by-step how to do what you want them to do.

Pay them accordingly. Treat them like human beings. Of course, not like cheap labour. Show them some respect. They’ll do it in return. When you find a good freelancer, it’s that respect and looking after them that will keep them onside because when you find a good one, it’s important to hold on to them the same as any employee or team member.

So that’s my advice for today when you’re preparing and planning to create an online course, see what you can stop doing that’s not adding value in your life or in your business and stop doing it. And then look at repetitive tasks that somebody else could do for a fraction of the cost.

And yet that’s a rate that they’re happy with. Treat them with respect. They’ll treat you with respect. They are human beings. Of course, you may never meet them. You may never even see them but that doesn’t mean should show people less respect just because they’re working in a low-cost economy.

So that’s my advice. If you’ve ever have any questions about hiring freelancers, I’ve been doing it for years. Please reach out. And if you have any questions about creating marketing, launching, and selling online courses, please reach out. Drop me a voice note on the podcast. Or drop me an email, – And I’d love to help you out.

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