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How long should students have access to your online course?

The short answer is this is, it is totally up to you.

Here are the 2 main options.

Life Time Access.

Some course instructors give lifetime access but this typically means that you can’t ask questions for the rest of your life

Other people called lifetime access for the lifetime of the course and not the lifetime of the person

My advice is to be careful when giving life chances max particularly if your topic has a changing nature

You do not want students coming back to you by email saying they were misled or misinformed by your course or worse still they tell other people that your course is simply incorrect

Lifetime access is attractive so if you’re going to provide it then include terms and conditions.

Fixed Time Period

The other option is a fixed time period. For example, six months or even less

This should ideally encourage people to take action as they don’t have lifetime access.

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