Changing Tariffs and Rates

Open the Smappee App

To you set up your rates and your tariffs.

Select > Settings. Then Select > Your Tariffs. Then Select > Set Up Your Tariffs

Select > Static Tariff. Scroll down. The first thing we want to do is create your rates.

Select > Manage your rates. When you’re going first, there’s default rate of 22 cent.

We’re going to change that and make it our Day Rate. Select Name and enter Day Rate

Change Grid import cost to 0.40€/kWh (40cents). We’re going to take it that you have no solar or export costs. So we’ll leave Grid export cost at zero.

So now we’ve got our day rate set up. Now we want to add our night rate. Select back arrow at in the top left corner.

Select + sign in the bottom right corner. Enter Night Rate as the Name. Choose the Colour Green form the list of colours.

Generally, the night rate is cheaper than the day rate. Enter 0.22€/kWh (22cents) as Grid import cost and there’s no export rate cost.

So now we’ve got our two rates set up, Day Rate and Night Rate. Now we’ll go back to the tariff chart. It’s over seven days a week and Holidays stays the same.

Click  to to Generally, your day rate will start at 8am in the morning and finish 11:00pm.

Change From to 8am and to is changed to 23:00. Select the back arrow in the top left corner.

Now we see that’s our Day Rate in yellow. Next, we want to add a new tariff, so we go with the night rate.

Select > Add a tariff. Select > Night Rate. Select Apply on and choose each day including Holiday.

Click  to to

Now we want to give that a time. Because we finished at 11pm on the day rate, we’re going to start the night rate on 11pm, and we’re going to finish it at 12 midnight.

And we add that Tariff.

Then we go in again because we are starting at 12 midnight and we’ll apply all days and holidays again.

Click  to to

Now we change the time From to 12 o’clock midnight, and the To to at 8am.

Select > Add tariff. Select > Confirm your electricity tariffs. Now you can see that your chart is completely full.

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