How to get into the right frame of mind and use leverage to move you forward and create your online course.

This is one that most online instructors don’t tell you about, how to get into the right frame of mind right now and stop procrastinating. I once heard it described as ‘wasting time getting ready to be ready’.

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I went through it too. I’ll just read one more book. I’ll watch one more webinar. I’ll take one more course. All excuses to avoid getting started. Granted, we have to do some of this at the beginning, but I can assure you that you need to know when to stop consuming and start producing. After all, you will only get paid directly for what you produce.

You need leverage to get started and pain is a great lever.

So here are some questions that may give you some leverage? Of course, you may have all the answers and can justify the reasoning behind them. However, I urge you to really consider you answers objectively.

So out loud, ask yourself:

  1. Is driving/travelling the best use of my time and what else could I be doing with this time?
  2. Will I still be able to do this when I am in my 60’s and 70’s?
  3. Presuming I will be able, will I still want to do this when I am in my 60’s and 70’s?
  4. What financial impact will retiring have on my income?
  5. How can I make €1,000,000 using my existing business model?
  6. Does my work still excite me?

Fear can also stop us. In fact, fear stops us from getting the most out of life.

Here are 3 well-known fears when it comes to creating your online course and how to overcome them.


There is some software and equipment that you will need but I can guarantee you, I have seen the least technical people you can think of get up and running fast (and most importantly sell) when they were shown the steps that work.

To be honest, I wish what I have figured out over the past 5 years was available in one place when I was starting out. I believe that this guide and the resources that come with it is that one place.


When we say we don’t have time to do something, what we are really saying is, it is not a priority. For example, have you started to do something new on a regular basis and if so, where did you ‘find’ the time OR what did you do with that time BEFORE you took up this new activity?

For me, it’s Inner Engineering Yoga and Meditation. I used to get up at 7. Now I get up at 6.45. I used to get to work at 7.30. Now I get to work at 7.45.

So, I replaced a little more time in bed and a little more time at work with something that is improving my health and wellbeing. At the end of the day, when I made yoga & meditation a priority, I ‘found’ the time. Consequently, I am now more focused and productive when I am working so I am ‘getting the time back’ so to speak.

As it states in The One Thing, you just need enough discipline to form the habit, then the habit will take over.

You’ll never have time until you make it a priority. Indeed, sometimes our priorities are chosen for us. Have you ever noticed how people suddenly have ‘time’ to exercise after a recent check-up with their doctor?

When you imagine again what it would feel like to have more income, impact and freedom, you will ‘find the time’. Furthermore, if you haven’t picked up this point yet, here it is again. Having successful online courses is a business that gives you time.

And let’s be realistic here. Do you honestly think you are going to wake up one day and say ‘hey, I’ve nothing to do, I’ll start work on my online course’.

As an online instructor once told me, treat your course like a client. I will even add to that great statement. When you do it right, it will be the ‘client’ that keeps on giving and could become the best ‘client’ you ever have.

In terms of time needed, in my experience, when you spend 2 hours per week creating your course, you will have it finished in 2 to 3 months or less. And again, when you see how it’s much easier than you first imagined, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and really excited about getting started.


If people are already paying for your expertise offline, they will buy it (or elements of it) online. Furthermore, you can check if similar courses exist or how many searches there are in Google on the topic. You can also check how many views videos have on YouTube related to the topic.

Process before Profit

NOTE: The real value from creating your first course is going through the creation process and not necessarily the income it generates. By that I mean, undoubtedly there is some new stuff to learn and some breakthroughs will be required. So, the key with your first course is getting comfortable with the process and not worry about how much money you will make from selling it.