Let me start by saying that pricing is subjective. You should always price based on the difference your course makes, not the duration it takes.

If you can teach me something in 90 minutes that I want to learn and don’t have to incur any travel costs, then I should pay a reasonable price relative to the result.

  • Our Positioning has an impact on Price – If you are the go-to person for what you do – you should charge accordingly
  • Our Proof has an impact on Price – If you have a long list of video testimonials where people evangelize you and your course, you should charge accordingly or if you show people that your course removes their problem, you should charge accordingly.
  • Our Presence has an impact on Price – read more below

So again, pick your price based on the difference your course makes, not the duration it takes.

For example, if you provide additional support over and above replying to course comments for example….
…a private Facebook Group, Live Calls, Student Specific Feedback,…
…then you should charge accordingly

Also, price and perception are closely linked.

For example, “it must not be a great course if it’s only €95”
If your students don’t invest enough money, they won’t invest enough time.

And nobody gets the desired result.

There is also the membership or subscription model.

Examples include access to all your courses for a monthly fee or access to live calls and/or a private Facebook Group.

Start with €195 and prove that it is worth it.

It also gives you some room for discounting as you grow.

Then, as your positioning, proof and confidence increases, so can your course cost.

Pricing is subjective so please comment below and I can provide further advice.