So this is the schematic we will go through so that you can see my entire office studio set up. You can use this set up with or without a green screen.

So let’s go through the set up 1 item at a time.  Item 1 is the Ring Light. On the right is an actual photo of the ring light on Amazon. This ring light comes with a hot shoe mount and smartphone holder.

Item 2 is the webcam which attaches to the ring light tripod. The webcam plugs directly into the USB port of your computer. We will cover the connections later in this video.

Item 3 is a shotgun mic. You can also use a lavaliere mic. CLICK – I have used the one shown here. It plugs directly into the USB port of your computer. However, I prefer to use the shot gun mic as it gives better quality audio. Also, with the lavaliere mic you have to attach it to your shirt and hide as much of the cable as possible. You also need to make sure there is no static noise being picked up from the mic rubbing off your shirt when you move.

This shotgun mic cannot be connected directly to a computer and needs to connect to a mixer shown here as Item 4. It is the mixer that connects to the USB port of your computer. The mixer allows you to adjust the audio for an even better quality sound.

At this point, let’s bring in the laptop and the stand. Placing the laptop on front of you will allow you to use the webcam software for recording and of course see how great you look on screen.

Make sure the laptop is out of the view of the webcam.

The 3 main connections are as follows. The webcam is connected to the usb port of your laptop. The shotgun mic is connected to the input mixer. The input mixer is connected to the laptop and that’s it.

Please note that you will need a little adaptor for the shotgun mic to connect to the mixer. It is listed with all the equipment in your course.




Item 7 is an adjustable LED light used to remove background shadow caused by the ring light. I use 2 of these, one approx. 2 feet to my left and 1 approx. 2 feet to my right. These lights also gives that nice even glow in the background if you are standing near a wall. These lights are essential if you are using a green screen which we will cover in another lesson.

I have mine set to a brightness level of 99 and tilted slightly downwards.

It’s best to stand a few feet away from the wall as this will ensure there is no shadow.