So, after 3 years of planning (and some procrastination), I finally launched my first online course – ‘Facebook for Pharmacists’.

Why Pharmacists?

Well firstly, 2 of my clients were Pharmacists and I noticed that they were not using Facebook to its full potential. This lead me to do some further research where I looked at other Pharmacy Facebook Pages. I noticed that most of the Pages I found could also use some advice and training.

The second reason was I felt that Pharmacists were people who appreciated the value of training and education and also had the means to pay for it.

So, I arranged a meeting with one of my Pharmacist clients and presented the course idea to him. Not only did he think that the online course was a great idea particularly because he could do it from his own desk, he said he would introduce me to the Pharmacy Group that he was a member of and arrange for an email to go to all 44 Pharmacists in the group. 

This lead to 22 pharmacists registering for the course generating an income of €4,334 (22 x €197) AND THIS WAS ALL BEFORE I even started recording the course.

Over 40 Pharmacists registered in a matter of weeks. This is what can happen for you when you focus on a specific niche and solve a problem for them. We will look at this in more detail in Section 6.3.

Then I decided to create a version of this course for small and medium sized business owners.

I was charging €97 for this course and I remember one specific order for 20 ‘copies’ in December of 2014. In fact, that order sticks out for 2 reasons.

Reason No. 1
It happened in December which is a very quiet time of the year for me with regard to delivering offline courses so €1,940 in revenue just before Christmas was welcomed with open arms (and all I had to do was say thanks J).

Reason No. 2
Just 2 years before, again in December, I had been booked to deliver a course in Donegal (about 2 hours north of where I am based). However, due to a sudden snow storm the night before, the course was cancelled. That was €800 wiped off my cashflow at an expensive and quiet time of the year.

So that one order for 20 students will always stick out in my mind, and not just for the financial value of the order, but the realisation that I had reached the point where I was finally getting paid for my knowledge, not for my time.

In fact, last December (2017), I received an order from a different company worth €2,535 for 20 copies of another online course I created – How to Build a Professional WordPress Website in 4 hours.

This is just one of six courses I launched in the past year.

Since then, I have decided to pick a more specific market – knowledge brokers i.e. Speakers, Trainers, Teachers, Authors, Consultants and Coach’s.