For the kind attention of: Nancy Calabrese
Proposal written by: Johnny Beirne
Date: 19th October 2022
Scope: Professional Studio Setup | 1-to-1 Coaching

What we do.

We help subject-matter experts and educators set up their own simple home/office studio so that they can deliver more engaging online meetings, presentations, and courses. The end result is, they can ‘stand out on screen’ from the competition without any previous experience required. This also allows for the creation of professional online courses faster, smarter, cheaper.

Our training also removes the cost and inconvenience of hiring a studio every time which can cost in excess of $1,000 per day plus $1,000 per day in editing fees.


How we do it.

We provide professional step-by-step coaching and training that is designed specifically for your needs. This is also recorded so that you can watch it again as often and whenever you wish.

Once we receive payment, you can choose appointment slots that work for you through our online booking system.

Who we do it with. (A small sample of JVMM Members we have worked with to date).

Shawn Johal
“Johnny showed me endless ways to improve my presentation skills. I am HIGHLY recommending him. Trust me, definitely worth it.”

Brynne Tillman
“Learned some amazing Zoom presentation enhancements with Johnny.”

Debbie Allen
“Johnny took my virtual presentations to the next level.”



• 3 x 90 Minute Training and Coaching Sessions via Zoom. 1. Discover. 2 Design. 3. Deliver.
• Delivered over 4 to 6 weeks with recordings provided.
• Support via email/WhatsApp between meetings.

$2,995 JVMM Member Discount $1,495.

Equipment Costs.

Coaching and Training costs do not include equipment or software (free and paid options). Equipment costs can range from $500 to $2000 depending on your requirements and budget. We also provide a list of recommended equipment.

Payment. Payment can be processed online using the button below.

*Proposal valid for 14 days after the date above. We cannot guarantee the above costs will be the same after this time. Costs incl. Taxes. Appointments can only be rearranged 72 hours in advance. A no-show or 4 rearranged appointments will count as 1 appointment.

Presentation Transformation
Live Masterclass

Monday 17th Oct. 6pm BST, 1pm EST, 10am PST

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