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Podcast Profile – Johnny Beirne (pronounced ‘Burn’)


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Short Bio

  • Works with course creators and subject matter specialists who rely on webinars to make money.
  • Known for adding clever and creative wizardry to webinars for a more memorable message.
  • Offers simple studio setups that transform your presentations from basic and boring to brilliant.
  • Creates presentation strategies to keep audiences captivated and connected for increased conversions.
  • Author of Say It Once. Sell It Often., focused on replacing relentless competition with recurrent revenue. Available from Feb 2024.
  • Host of The Webinar Wealth Podcast.

I show speakers and webinar presenters how to stand out on screen and do themselves justice when presenting online. This helps make their message memorable and make more money.


Peter Sage Testimonial

Rory Kilmartin Testimonial


 RETHiNK Remoting: Take Remote Control of Your Life. Released: 7th Dec. 2021

Say it Once. Sell it Often. Generate wealth and freedom piece by piece by creating an online course. Release Date: TBD

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FREE Interactive Guide: Presentation TransformationLearn how to increase your presentation engagement so that you can 3X your sales in 30 Days!

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Presentation Transformation
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