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Podcast Profile – Johnny Beirne (pronounced ‘Burn’)


Thank you very much for agreeing to have me on your podcast.

Short Bio

I help webinar presenters to deliver with maximum engagement and minimum effort so that they can 3x their webinar conversion rate. I have the pleasure of working with subject-matter experts from around the world.


 RETHiNK Remoting: Take Remote Control of Your Life. Released: 7th Dec. 2021

Say it once. Sell it often. Generate wealth and freedom piece by piece by creating an online course. Release Date: Feb 4th 2023

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FREE Interactive Guide: Presentation TransformationLearn how to increase your presentation engagement so that you can 3X your sales in 30 Days!

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Presentation Transformation
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Monday 17th Oct. 6pm BST, 1pm EST, 10am PST

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