Promoting your online course with Social Media.

The first key strategy for promoting your course with Social Media is choosing the right Social Media Platform

The ones I suggest you use most often are the same ones your ideal student uses most often. Therefore you must document the profile of your ideal student.  This relates to the Lesson in Section 3. Pick based on Person.

Their profile should include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Likes and Interests
  • Business People or Consumers

Facebook and YouTube are the Top 2 (although YouTube is not considered to be a social media platform)

However, with teenagers, they prefer Instagram & Snapchat. It also important to recognise that the business community prefer to use LinkedIn. So here are the steps I recommend. Start with one social network which you choose based on your ideal student profile. Publish course content and course-related content every day. Make sure that over 75% of your posts drive people to your website where they can take action. Ideally, that action results in you getting their email address.

In the other lessons in this course ‘Say it once. Sell it often’, we will look at some of the most popular platforms in detail.