If you want a better return from your website, here are 16 questions I suggest you go through. (14 of which are FREE when you manage your own website. All are CRITICAL).

1. Has your website been submitted to the Google Search Console to improve your search position? [FREE]
2. Has your website sitemap been submitted to Google to improve your search position? [FREE]
3. Do you have ‘Google My Business’ set up so that your business will appear first in a local search? [FREE]
4. Do you have and use Google Analytics? [FREE]
5. Do you have a cookie policy and privacy policy on your website? [FREE]
6. Do you have an SSL (Digital Security Certificate) on your website so that Chrome does not show your website as ‘Not Secure’? [€2.99 per month]
7. Is your website backed up on a daily basis? [€1.99 per month]
8. Is your website mobile friendly? [FREE]
9. Do you have the Facebook Tracking Pixel installed on your website? [FREE]
10. Did you know that your site needs to load fast or your user will leave AND Google will also penalise you? [FREE]
11. Do you have your keywords in the key places for Google Ranking? [FREE]
12. Do you have alt image tags for all your images for better search engine optimisation? [FREE]
13. Are your images optimised for faster download? [FREE]
14. Have you included keywords in your page URL’s? [FREE]
15. Do you have a clear call to action on your website? [FREE]
16. Does your website show that you understand your customer’s problem and that you can solve it? [FREE] Empathy > Authority > Buy Now

If the answer is NO to 5 or more, then I suggest you book a website review today!

The review is:

– 1-to-1 covering the items above and more

– done live and online via Zoom so no need to travel

– recorded so you can watch it again afterward

– €45 for a limited time only (normally €145)